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Cutting flowers and making a bouquet can be a lot of fun. Flowers have the capacity to inspire an emotional powerful reaction, as long as they are chosen carefully.
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 We here at Floral Passion want to have a community of flower lovers united with shirt worthy designs that get updated seasonally. There are so many reasons to love flowers.
Even if you cannot physically use flowers, a flower can still be used as a design element. You could use flowers as decorations You can use your imagination and find a way to work with any style of flower into your design. The possibilities are endless.
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You have many choices when it comes to choosing from one of our designs for your next fashion statement. There are so many different colors, textures, and shapes of flowers that our artists have used to best replicate the shock and awe we sometimes get when seeing a true work of art. Most of the tee shirts will be able to assist your green eye. 
When you send your flowers to your florist, the florist can help you add a personal touch to your bouquets or wedding invitations. You can have your wedding card made in the design of the flowers. Or, if you would like, you can have your flowers custom made and added to the invitation. These are the possibilities that flowers give us to work with. 
Now when you order a shirt or hoodie with a floral design on it, you are looking for something that represents you. The simple yet touching designs of the flowers as well as the witty quotes printed on the shirts are just what you imagined when you saw your ideal wardrobe. 
Floral Passion may also be used for gifting to a fellow flower lover, but only if you choose the best flower shirt for the occasion. Their garden should give you a hint of what they love. It can also be used to gift to a child that loves flowers. We have found that kids like playing in the garden and getting worms, at least the young boys. 
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 You can find all kinds of different designs when you are shopping for floral tee shirts. You can find exactly what you are looking for and choose the right floral product that fits your personality. You should be able to find the flowers that match your personality, and taste, and/or make a unique and beautiful gift for someone special in your life.
Plant shirts can be for men or women and can work with everything from a flower baby shower to an anniversary. It can also be used as a unique gift to anyone who you know would appreciate it. It is always fun to see the look on someone's face when they receive your beautiful gift that was well thought out based on their interests. 
If you are shopping for somebody as a gift, you can usually find a variety of options on  If you have a specific style of flower that you want feel free to contact us and let us know about it. 


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