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Where do flowers get their color from? (CRAZY TRUTH!)


Colors are the reason why many people get attracted to their first flower. We might have remembered the first day we found a beautiful flower and really examined it. We might have thought since that day, what makes this plant so colorful? 

colorful plants flower field pop

To find out more about flowers and their colors we have to look into the science of it. Looking into the Genes of a plant and we will notice that the DNA tells its organism to product certain pigments. So we can see that it is predetermined by genetics and years of evolution what color the flowers bloom to.

The flowers need to be pollinated by bees so over time they have developed colors in spectrum that bees can see. The ultimate goal of the plant is to be spread throughout the earth. 

butterfly bee flower resting gift


People often selectively breed seeds in search for the most lucrative colors. This results in amazing colors that we can't get enough of. Take a look at a further explanation of this feat of nature.

So hopefully that gives you further insight onto why flows have such amazing colors. To enjoy flowers and colors more check out these shirts with BEAUTIFUL colors on them HERE!

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